What is Hacking HR?

We BELIEVE that HR can be the most important pioneer and trailblazer to propel organizations and their people forward into the future of work.

Our purpose in Hacking HR is simple: create the best HR that has ever existed!

How do we want to do that? By creating a global community of HR people interested in the future of work and the intersection of tech and HR, and providing the most valuable tools so that the community is 100% ready for the future of work. There’s never been a better time for HR in the history of business. It is our time!

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We want you to be part of the global community of HR change-makers we are creating. We have four options for you to get involved with Hacking HR Forum:

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We have been in Washington DC, New York, Chicago, Seattle, Tampa and Vancouver. In the Fall of 2018 we are going to be in London, Zurich, Toronto, Austin, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles and many more cities. Check out our past events! 

About Us

We are a team of HR and Tech Evangelists passionate about the intersection of HR and tech, and the future of work. We believe that with Hacking HR we are powering the future of HR through engaging conversations and thoughtful, world-class speakers. We are working hard trying to bring our events and the tech|HR conversation  everywhere. Contact us if you are interested in partnering.


We are Hacking HR.

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